A short manual for TEXworks
Alain Delmotte, Stefan Löffler, and others
lowering the entry barrier to the TEX world

1 Introduction
 1.1 Icons and style
2 Installation
 2.1 Under Windows
 2.2 Under Linux
 2.3 Under Mac OS X
 2.4 Ready!
3 First steps
 3.1 Interface summary
 3.2 Creating a document
 3.3 And when errors occur?
 3.4 Changing TEXworks parameters for convenience
4 Going further: Editing tools
 4.1 Creating a document from a template
 4.2 Creating a project using several source files
 4.3 Spell-checking
 4.4 Search and replace
 4.5 Other tools for editing and error tracking
 4.6 Auto-completion
5 Going further: Other tools
 5.1 SyncTeX’ing between source and preview
 5.2 Special comment strings
 5.3 Formatting the source for legibility
 5.4 Showing the tags
 5.5 Organising the windows
 5.6 Cleaning the working folder
 5.7 Changing the configuration
6 Advanced use: Scripting
 6.1 Introduction to Scripting
 6.2 Installing Scripts
 6.3 Using Scripts
7 Beyond this manual
A Customizing TEXworks
 A.1 Syntax highlighting
 A.2 Keyboard shortcuts
 A.3 Roots for completion
B Regular expressions
 B.1 Introduction
 B.2 Codes to represent special sets
 B.3 Repetition
 B.4 Alternatives and assertions
 B.5 Final notes
C Compiling TEXworks